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Francis Keller
Communications Manager
CentroNía Community Arts Producer Elizabeth Bruce developed a program of science-oriented “Theatrical Journeys” for early learners designed to nurture their creativity, build language & cognition skills, and lay a foundation and love for science learning. After implementing Theatrical Journeys into CentroNía’s Pre-K classes, CentroNia worked closely with IDB to expand the Theatrical Journey’s experience into the hands of many more early childhood teachers and administrators. With support from IDB, CentroNía was able to train early childhood education teachers on how to implement Theatrical Journeys in their classrooms and pro-bono IDB volunteers provided support with the design of the Theatrical Journey’s Playbook. The Theatrical Journey’s Playbook is a comprehensive guide and resource that supports teachers with incorporating this unique, science-themed experience into their early childhood education classrooms. We are extremely grateful to our friends at the IDB for providing the vital support needed to make this project a success!
Janethe Peña
Executive Director
DC Doors
DC Doors was looking for assistance from a pro bono web developer/designer that could assist us with creating a dashboard where we could upload all of our client information and be able to track the information and use it for reporting purposes, as well as help us modify our existing website. DC Doors came across IDB’s pro bono assistance program and instantly we were thrilled, exited and filled out the request! The expertise, professionalism and commitment of the team assigned to DC Doors has been fantastic. The work they have provided us with has enabled DC Doors to be more efficient and visible to our community! We are ecstatic with the progress we have made together as a team. I highly recommend partnering with the IDB pro bono program.
Jorge E. Figueredo
Executive Director
I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the hard work and dedication the IDB volunteers exhibited at Edu-Futuro’s Robotics Competition at the Willston Multicultural Center. We had two volunteers from the IDB who were particularly enthusiastic in their roles as competition judges. These volunteers went above and beyond expectations by interacting and encouraging our middle school robotics teams as the competition activities took place. They made a point to engage with each student and empower them to solve each challenge and work to their fullest potential. Their presence contributed to the positive energy in the room and we are grateful for their time and effort. In addition, we were thankful to the IDB volunteers who were able to witness and contribute to our STEM education program, which is helping to transform the lives of our middle school Edu-Futuro students and their families here in Northern Virginia. We look forward to welcoming more volunteers!
Lina Zuluaga
My experience as a volunteer for organizations like Edu-Futuro, which facilitate the transition from school to work, was completely gratifying and helps me with my work at the Education Division. Having especially helped them with their communication strategy and their robotics competition put me in touch with the social reality of the Hispanics living in Virginia. Thank you to the IDB for facilitating this opportunity.
Andrés Gomez-Peña
Communications Senior Associate
Rarely can one be a witness of how we improve lives from Headquarters. However, thanks to a volunteer opportunity at CentroNia, I was able to see with my own eyes how my communication skills improve and will improve the quality of life of teachers and students in this institution.
Patricia Yañez
Development Effectiveness Officer
It was an enriching experience. Knowing that you can put your skills and experiences (which you use on a daily basis at work) at the service of the community, and knowing that these are valued by them. In addition, it was a beautiful, personal learning experience getting to know more about the local institutions whose work is having a positive impact in the community. Not to mention how valuable this experience was to strengthen teamwork and ties between colleagues of the Bank with a common purpose.

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